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Solutions to Fix the Unsupported SD Card

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Solutions to Fix the Unsupported SD Card

Postprzez zalafec » 09-10-2019, 02:35

In daily life, the sudden unsupported SD card may make you be at a loss. It may become blank and keeps asking to be formatted. In this article, you'll find free effective methods to fix the "unsupported SD card" error. And if they don't work, you can also download Bitwar data recovery here to recover data from the SD card, and then format the card to reuse.

Sometimes, the smartphones fail to read the SD Card and displays the following notification:

This device doesn't support this SD card. Tap to set up in a supported format.

The "The SD card is Blank, and it keeps asking format" problem mostly happens to Android phone SD cards, Camera SD cards, memory cards or other USB drives, etc. The major causes are the SD card gets corrupted, unreadable, undetectable, damaged, or there exist some unknown/unwanted files or folders.

When it occurs, do you know how to fix? Sure, you know formatting would be the most direct method to fix blank SD card. But this will wipe out all the existing data and finally lead to serious data loss problem.
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